The cozy holiday home in Leinsweiler
(Palatinate Forest, Germany)

Translated to English, "Sonneneckchen" means "Tiny sun corner". However, our holiday home in Southern Palatinate is not at all tiny.

Ferienhaus Sonneneckchen, Pfälzer Wald

The house, constructed in the cozy and practical Scandinavian Nur-Dach-Design, accommodates up to five persons (even six, if necessary) and provides a view on a stunning panorama, the skyline of the Palatinate Forest. Relax on the grand balcony, facing southwards, in the half shade of the old chestnut trees.

Take a look at the gallery to get a better impression.





Holiday Home
Münzweg 10
76829 Leinsweiler

Tel.:+49 (0) 6341 - 700 182